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Scheduling posts on MT
11-26-2006, 02:42 PM
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Scheduling posts on MT
The last and final entry on this issue. If you don't know/have no !@#$%^& clue on how to install Movable Type on Dreamhost, refer to

I used shell access because didn't have ability to use cPanel [I'm glad I did for now I've learned something new].

Think you have no shell access? Think again: tells you all about it. Use PuTTy [open-source] to get the shell access.

After you're logged in, type

crontab –e - then you're given an empty file to work with.

Type 0,15,30,45 * * * * cd <path to mt>; ./tools/run-periodic-tasks in one line. It has to be one line. <path to mt> is your Movable Type path, it might be home/yourusername/ or it might be home/yourusername/ Why the 15 difference? It's minutes. This command instructs cron to run the script every 15 minutes of every hour (1st *), every day (2nd *), every weekday (3rd *) and every month (4th *). Make sure this command is exactly as written. Also, yes, there is a space in>; ./tools....

Note that there's no ending / in the URL! Note that again and again until you get it right! Don't be me, do not make the very same mistake. It will become annoying afterwards. Do include the / in ./tools. Got it? Good.

That's about it. I've spent nearly 8 hours doing this asdfghjkl. Again: we all make mistakes, we all learn as we go. Peace.

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