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streamline video
10-20-2006, 10:08 PM
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streamline video
Wow, congratulations on selecting possibly the worst place on the Internet to post a link to a web storage pyramid scheme. At least they're brazen enough to admit it, by calling themselves "A Multi-Tiered Affiliate Program" on their splash page. I made sure to remove your affiliate details when visiting the site, so you couldn't get any help with your success.

Dreamhost's lowest-tier of service is $7.95 a month, offers 200GB of disk storage and 2TB of transfer.'s top service has a signup fee of $2000, and recurring fees of $200 a month. With that you get 150GB of storage and a whopping 30GB of transfer. Yes you heard me correctly, 30GB. It would take 5 months of maxing out your service agreement just to get the files up there.

All the other *scrumtrilescent* features you pay for are available for free with Dreamhost. You just need a little savvy, and the help of fellow forum members. Sometimes members can be selective in who they choose to support. Good luck in your business endeavor.

Quote:I really dont even understand this site can someone explain that to me also?
Complete BS! You can't sign up without using someone else's affiliate code. You wouldn't have added yours if you didn't know anything about the site. If you own that site, you're not likely to get many people foolish enough to sign up with so many free services out there. If you don't own it maybe I'm wrong though, someone was able to talk you into signing up.

A tiny part of me wonders if you really are an innocent victim here. If that happens to be the case, get out now! Dreamhost can provide you 40 times the storage and over 1300(!!!) times the bandwidth, for one-third the monthly cost of this service.
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10-20-2006, 10:52 PM
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A Sucker *is* born every minute..
I think that is an accurate and insighful analysis....nuff said!

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