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quicktime streaming and cpu minutes
05-12-2006, 09:32 AM
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quicktime streaming and cpu minutes
This is probably a dumn question...but googling "cpu minutes" and "quicktime streaming" doesn't answer my question...

does streaming video use up cpu minutes like other processes?

(6 min video...hinted streaming...38mb)

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05-15-2006, 04:00 PM
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quicktime streaming and cpu minutes
drumming this up again...don't want to ask support...yet.

1. does quicktime or realtime streaming use cpu minutes?

2. how do I calculate a good determination of bandwidth use? I am mostly concerned with the videos themselves. Although Dreamhost offers quite a bit of bandwidth space, it concerns me.

I am thinking of moving a client over to DH (would rather to dedicated than shared though)...this client may get too big, too fast...and since DH isn't planning on Dedicated servers for a while, I want to make sure moving them to shared hosting is a viable choice. I could even move them to one of my strictly business plans which has about 3,000GB of bandwidth and wait for dedicated hosting at dreamhost, but then I am still concerned about the cpu minutes...which probably doesn't use cpu minutes...??? At least I know the box I am on doesn't have problems.

3. If I use's dedicated boxes...does anyone know if I have to install quicktime streaming...etc. myself?

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