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mp3 questions
03-26-2006, 03:37 PM
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mp3 questions
I'm trying to keep my church's weekly sermon available for streaming on our website ( I have placed a link on the front page to an mp3 file. It seems to stream using QuickTime in FireFox, but attempts to download the whole file in Internet Explorer. I have set up a sub-domain for QuickTime streaming, but I haven't used it yet because I don't know of a free way to convert mp3's to mov files (aside from a shareware). Does anyone have advice for the mp3 link in IE or how to convert mp3 to mov? Thanks in advance.
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04-03-2006, 02:37 PM
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mp3 questions
I would recommend your church purchasing Quicktime Pro, then use it to create a .mov file then upload it.

I have our church set up to do the same thing, although our media intern (college student) has refused to do so as of yet.

He just doesn't believe in the rual area that we live in that thre are people /wo HS internet (one being me). The MP3 is pretty usually to someone on dialup, the .mov on a streaming server works well.

I can help you out a bit more if you need it.
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04-04-2006, 08:24 AM
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mp3 questions
If you want to try an alternative and use realaudio you can download real producer basic 1.1 for free from You can convert video and/or audio to real streams which you can upload to your site. You just create a .ram file as per the wiki instructions given and the file can be streamed to users with real player installed.

Choose an encoding of 32kbs else you will end up with a huge file from your mp3 recording which would make downloading the mp3 a much better option. Wink

You will at least keep your recording secure unless someone records it via their computer!

I am not a huge fan of Real but it does work and you can try it out without cost other than your time. The GUI for Real Producer is simple to work after you have tried it out. I find it takes longer to find the file I need to encode than actually encode it.

You could even video the preacher and stream that. Smile

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04-04-2006, 09:27 AM
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mp3 questions
The only problem I see with "Real" is that is isn't "true" streaming, it is http streaming (at least I think it is). You are right, the Real Producer is easy to use, I use it with one of my current customers that host with someone that have a streaming server. I question how well the http streaming would work on dialup

QT streaming would allow video to. QT Pro is only $30, well worth it, IMHO. Smile
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