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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
03-06-2006, 08:20 AM
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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
Greetings All.

How does DH with a store accepting credit cards compare to yahoo and ebay store/merchant solutions? What advantages and disadvantage are there?

My business would be small t-shirt company. I want to move up from cafepress.

I broke down the below costs that i saw. I am not sure if ebay even takes credit cards. Below prices dont include merchant fees.

Code Monster Sale $15.95 + ip addy $3.95 + plus $125 a year SSL cert. Which equals a $365 a year or azbout $30 a month.

Yahoo Merchant - Compare Plans
Base PLan: $29.961 + 1.5% transaction fee

Ebay Store - Compare Plans
Base Plan: $15.95 + stanard ebay fees of 5.25% upto $25 + .20 free fee.

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03-06-2006, 08:40 AM
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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
I've never been one to purchase ecommerce packages from web hosts. For one thing, they only offer things you can do for yourself. If you want to build a web store, you should use CMS. has a live demo section with things like oscommerce/creloaded, zencart or portals (which usually have some sort of ecommerce capability) like drupal, mambo/joomla.

Stay away from the ebay store. It's not really necessary and each time you want to add more things to it, you will be charged for the listings. If you wanted to add more products to your own site, it would only cost you your time of doing it. IMO, DH's L1 plan would be just fine for a small store. Just get a cms since that would usually have shopping cart functionality already installed (or available via modules) and get a merchant account somewhere. Either choose a merchant account that's already compatible with the cms you chose or look to see if there's a module made for one that isn't (or get someone to make one...). My web store, is on DH and I used Drupal to make it.

No reason to go with additional web hosts when you already have all of what you need with where you are. I use paypal as my payment processor (you have to have premium account to accept credit cards). It's simple and my site isn't that well-established yet but when it becomes more profitable, I plan on switching to a merchant account.

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03-19-2006, 12:54 PM
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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
BobS is starting to get below the tip of the iceberg now, you want no part of DH ECommerce, kinda like "if you have to ask..."

three's a reason that yahoo and ebay take a cut, they do all the technical work for you. So if you don't currently know how to build and maintain an online shop, you'd likely be better off going with the prerolled option.

Add to the technical requirements of bild/maint your own, the marketing, promotion, traffic driving stuff and you're spending a lot of time and/or money on things you probably didn't expect to

yahoo and ebay will also have some of your marketing options covered as well

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03-30-2006, 08:37 AM
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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
Thanks for everyone’s advice. I am doing this for friend who just opened a very small brick and mortar retail store that sells t-shirts and games. HE is using QuickBooks to do inventory which I guess Miva can sync too. Seems like a good feature.

So I was thinking that MIVA store with the 50% off code monster deal would be a good choice. Then for starting our use paypal to take orders.

When the online store gets bigger them move up to the unique ip, ssl and online merchant account. Does that sound good? Would that be a hard move? Or should I have him go directly to the online merchant account and ssl? He does have a retail merchant account for his store.


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03-30-2006, 02:34 PM
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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
Thanks BobS. I wont blame you for lower prices. Wink

I thought GeoTrust SSL was very high and look around for a cheaper ssl. I found this place that is much cheaper only $69 vs GeoTust $189 which rapidssl also sells. They also suggest that their lower cost rapidssl is better for small business and as you grow you can always move up to the GeoTrust.

Do you think the rapidssl is ok? DH will work with it?
peace out,

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04-25-2006, 09:11 AM
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Compare to yahoo and ebay store
Update: I tried using MIVA for about a week. The interface is very confusing and the learning curve was steep. I had problems using the cart, setting up my SSL and getting my merchant account to work. I am a pretty technical guy so it should not be that hard.

I then installed Zen cart. It worked great!! I am surprised Zen Cart something that is free and open source was so much better then MIVA which is an expensive product. I then set up a merchant account with paypal so it takes real credit cards that way I didnt limit my customer base by forcing them to get a pay-pal account. The whole set up was so easy compared to MIVA. Now that DH is no longer supporting MIVA just shows what junk MIVA is.

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