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So many "Suggestions"
11-30-2005, 03:26 AM
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So many "Suggestions"
(This is not a support request, merely a discussion topic.)

Wow, did you look at the Suggestions list lately? It's huuuuge! When DH started this, I thought it was neat. Somebody mentioned an ambition (or was it a wish) to complete one suggestion each month. With the current list, there'd be work until the year 2014 or so... Undecided

I still think "Suggestions" are a good idea, but with so many of them, I have lost the overview and I would hardly be able to cast my votes (if I had any unused). Plus, it seems that the vast majority (more than 80%) are rated 3 or more. That means most things are difficult/time-consuming to implement, which again means we're not likely to see them any time soon. So either we could look forward to some of the simpler suggestions in the nearer future, or we could regard the whole thing as stale and deadlocked.

I still root for DH to implement anything that's on this list, because it wouldn't be there if nobody asked for it. But it does seem to me that DH hasn't gotten around to much lately. To be fair, that would make good sense considering the recent yelling about support response times and overselling their customer capacity. Indeed, suggestions to "fix support response times" and "ensure web&mail server availability" would be the top-rated ones if they were listed, and I don't think they even need to be listed because DH seems uncomfortably aware of exactly these points already.

So I'm looking forward to seeing those two items thoroughly addressed, and then let's cheer on the implementation of all those other suggestions afterward.

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12-03-2005, 11:06 AM
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So many "Suggestions"
What I've found is that there are many suggestions in there that have already been implemented that haven't been marked as closed.

I think they seriously need to pay someone to go through there and spend some time to clean it up.

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01-17-2006, 07:07 PM
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So many "Suggestions"
I guess I don't read through here very often... and when I do, I reply to an old thread. Wink

Quote:But it does seem to me that DH hasn't gotten around to much lately.
Anyone notice that in the Manage Domains section it now says what domain is being mirrored/redirected to? (It used to just say mirror, redirect, etc...)

I suggested that, not expecting anything to be done, and it was up and running within a week. I love it... I have a bunch of mirrors/redirects and it was annoying having to click on the edit button just to see what was pointing where.

If I knew my suggestion was going to slip right through like that, I would have asked for something better, like a new BMW 760Li. Big Grin

Another suggestion I just made, which I think would be neat, is to see the number of for and against votes there are next to each suggestion. If nothing else, it would be nice to see how active users are there.
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