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vim syntax highlighting
07-26-2005, 11:12 AM
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local vimrc versus system vimrc
I did some testing and, yes, sourcing the system vimrc (source /etc/vim/vimrc) at the end of the file does override the changes I've made. More testing reveals that settings in the system vimrc (I tested autoindent) apply whether I source it or not, so I think it's unnecessary.

A few things are puzzling to me, however. First, :set textwidth shows "textwidth=78" when the system vimrc sets textwidth=0. Furthermore, if I put "set textwidth=40" in my vimrc I still get textwidth=78. Second, "set showcmd" gets nuked when I source /etc/vim/vimrc at the end of the file even though it's commented out in /etc/vim/vimrc, so it shouldn't be affected one way or the other.

Vim configuration == mysteries upon mysteries. See for example, a long discussion about the complexities of indentation configuration.

ps I just discovered :scriptnames and found "setlocal tw=78" in /usr/share/vim/vim61/ftplugin/vim.vim. I'll have to explore these files some more and get back to you.
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08-02-2005, 01:50 AM
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local vimrc versus system vimrc
Does anyone know what would cause syntax highlighting to change?

Earlier today I was at home and used my plain old xterm.

(Typically I work from work, and use putty, for being an xterm emulator, PuTTY > *)

I was editting some php scripts, and the highlighting kept changing.
Sometimes it was just html.
Sometimes it was just php.
Sometimes is was actually both.

I really couldn't understand it, does anyone have any suggestions to how to start figuring out what vim is doing with regards to syntax highlighting?
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