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SSL cert, Miva question
01-31-2005, 03:49 PM
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SSL cert, Miva question
Hello, all - I'm beginning to set up a store using Miva Merchant, and have purchased a unique IP for our Code Monster account. I need to know a few things and hope you all can help:

1) how do I associate the unique IP with a domain or subdomain? I can't seem to find where to do that (or is that a support request?).

2) I see recommendations here and there in this forum for various certificate authorities - does anyone have recent experience with 128-bit certs and their reliability with IE? Particularly IE 5 for Mac - a site I did last year ran into some problems in this area, and I wonder how much this is really going to come into play (I wonder mostly because my client contact is running IE 5 for Mac, and I hesitate to send her to test this if it's going to bonk on her).

3) Once I get the certificate in place and get Miva set up, can we simply have the site securely record CC numbers and notify us that they're there? We can currently manually process cards and will eventually want to get everything automated, but I want to get the store up and running as soon as safely possible.

Thanks -

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01-31-2005, 06:54 PM
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SSL cert, Miva question
Got it - thanks. I'll take a look at the Add New Service area (I'm still learning my way around the control panel stuff - there's a crazy amount of stuff there!).

And thanks for the heads-up on the CC companies, too - I have no interest in upsetting them (just want to get it all going), so I'm glad to know I should avoid cutting this corner.

Have a good day!
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