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Approval Process
09-13-2011, 12:26 AM (This post was last modified: 09-13-2011 01:08 AM by ryon.)
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Approval Process
Why is the approval pocess so painfully long??

Apparently it takes 10 minutes to 3 hours.

But it's been like 15 hours of refreshing the page, checking email for a status update.. and nothing!

I red some people's posts of it taking 4-5 days and still no change.

Hopefully a Dreamhost rep can see this help me speed up the process.

(Yes I have emailed them)


And just a little feedback on one of the error reports..

" It appears your account is still pending. You may need to sign up for DreamHost Apps with a different e-mail, or add hosting through the DreamHost control panel."

1. "You may need to sign up for DreamHost Apps with a different e-mail"

Why would my current email address not be up to standard? Why would I have to create a new email address to see if Dreamhost accepts it? What if Dreamhost doesn't accept it.. do I create another email address?

2. " add hosting through the DreamHost control panel"


Try to add hosting in control panel


"This is the control center of a fully hosted DreamHost account. Unfortunately, you haven't upgraded your account from DreamHost Apps yet!
You will need to go to the DreamHost Apps Panel and upgrade your account if you want to use this panel!"


"When you upgrade...
You'll start paying a recurring fee for hosting - as low as $8.95 per month!"

So that's the solution... pay $8.95/month and your account will be approved for free hosting?
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09-13-2011, 07:27 AM
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RE: Approval Process
From what is posted in this forum on a regular basis, I agree the approval / denial process is unsatisfactory.

Since I don't use or know this workflow at all (only done it once, years ago), I can only say the problem "from the outside looking in" appears to be what happens after an account fails to meet automated fraud checks. It appears the account can fall into a void where nobody does anything. The potential customer is never specifically helped or told your account has been denied, instead the account seems to fall into a void where it is simply ignored so it can remain pending for eternity.

The best advice you get is hidden in the error message, "start over by creating a newer account with a different email address", a solution that is absurd. I personally have several dozen email addresses and aliases so coming up with a new email address wouldn't be an issue, but why should you have to start over? And as you point out, if the information is the same on the newer account, why would it clear the automated fraud checks when the last account would not?

While this issue is frequently posted about in the forum it is also a topic that none of the helpful customers that answer forum questions can address. The only piece of advise we can give is start over with another account like the help messages says, and dreamhost itself remains generally quiet. Is "pending" synonymous with "not approved" or "denied"?

I don't have a specific top 5 list of workflows that I wish dreamhost would fix, but if i did this one would be near the top of this list as number 1 or 2, and its not even an area that effects me directly. Dreamhost has improved a number of things lately, let's hope fixing this problem is next on the list.
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