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WordPress installs- How many?
09-08-2011, 02:23 PM
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WordPress installs- How many?
Trying to gauge some average expectations here:

How many WordPress installs do you have on your single DH account, and does it work? (IE: No random 404's)

WordPress is slowing getting fatter memory use wise, and it seems that DH accounts are restricted to about 150K peak RAM use.

I'm trying to figure out what over the scope of my whole account is actually using memory vs. whats not, and none of the logging or statistics that DH offers actually tells you anything useful.

The memory plugins for WordPress show you what is being used when you are in admin, not what the average site visit does. Since none of the sites peak much over 60MB, and the 404 issue is pretty noticeable with a couple of them more so then the others, and a couple I have never had a 404 with.

I think Dreamhost does this differently than the majority of the other host providers, as others I know with way more sites than I've got have less to no problems like this.
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09-08-2011, 03:20 PM
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RE: WordPress installs- How many?
I have about ten WordPress sites. My most heavily used one is a bit of a memory hog. I was getting 404s until I turned off FastCGI for that domain. FastCGI was spawning PHP processes that stayed around too long hogging memory. Turning off FastCGI ends the PHP process as soon as the process is complete. With caching, the site is plenty fast, so re-spawning new PHP processes when necessary hasn’t noticeably hindered performance.

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