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Support oddness
08-25-2011, 01:30 PM
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Support oddness
Hello. I'm a new Dreamhost user on a free trial and I'm a little confused. My new account does not work (it alternates between a bad_httpd_conf and displaying old pages, since overwritten), and I wrote support at 18:34 EST yesterday. They apparently closed one of my tickets without replying, so I wrote them again with an update today at 11:40 EST. It's 4:28pm EST, and still no reply. I'm worried that even if this problem is resolved, what if in a few months a real emergency happens? Where will support be then? Will they ignore me and close the ticket like before? Will they respond in a reasonable amount of time?

I write because I'm trying to see if I am misunderstanding the system or if there are other mitigating factors. What have been your experiences?
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09-11-2011, 06:19 PM
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RE: Support oddness
For what it's worth, I've only experienced one day of 'emergencies' where the server had to be rebooted three times. Each time I set the severity level to 'I need help now! People are dying' or whatever it is. It also triggers a series of automated tests which confirms that the site is down within a few minutes and apparently triggers the emergency response team. I assume lights start flashing somewhere and trained computer medics descend a pole through a hole in the ceiling to a waiting golf cart which they use to race to the afflicted server, backup raid cards and motherboards it toe. The longest my site was down was about 90 minutes. The other two reboots that day gave downtime of 30-60 minutes.
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