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We really need a topic heading for email.

Lately I've been getting hammered with spam at most every role mail address (info@, webmaster@, etc.) at several domains. All pretty much Russian scumbag "dating" websites, using bots to route messages through phony mail accounts and virus-compromised machines.

Somewhere in the mail control panels I could've sworn I saw an option to allow use configuration of DNSBLs (..WANT Spamhaus PBL!) but I'll be damned if I can find it now...if it ever even existed. I use a variety of hosting companies for various projects so considering my sometimes-dotty memory I could easily be mistaken that I saw it here.

I really don't need email from dynamic IP ranged hosts. I really don't need email from anywhere in APNIC either, but I'd be ever-so happy to be able to pre-emptively trash anything coming from no-MX record hosts.

Didn't we have access to procmail at some point? And could it be used to jiggle mail out of an entire domain?

It's gotten thick enough (20 or more per day now) that I'm having nightmares about Russian men named "Peggy" showing up at my door for a date. Creepy stuff.
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