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zen cart 1-click install admin questions
02-23-2011, 02:43 PM
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zen cart 1-click install admin questions
I am using a mac, php5, transmit 4 and have uploaded zencart v2? via the dh 1-click-install. Store is working but admin is not.

1. The email I got from the robot says to just delete the zc_install folder, do I need to run that from my browser to finish installing it properly? I went to my /store and entered in all the info so I thought that was running the zc_install program.

2. DHrobot say to 'Enable ssl' only if you have your site up and working. I don't have it up and working but I have the zen cart default site up and running. I left the ssl as false because I don't have a certificate, should I try it with true and then finish the rest of the install and change it back to false?

3. Robot says to go to admin configuration sessions... rerecreate sessions. Is this something I do only when inside the admin area? I haven't been able to get in so I don't know and i can't find it in the code anywhere. (yes I'm a dillbat and don't know anything!)

4. What is the best tutorial to follow if I'm using a 1-click install on a mac? So many are for pcs and as I am usually pretty good at deciphering pc jargon I'm getting a little dizzy with all of this, plus the 1-click install does things in the background that I'm not aware of so I am not sure where to start. Like do I need to rename the dist-configure.php file? do I need to set those permissions to read-only? What other files do I need to set as read-only? Tutorials start from the beginning and 1-click installs jump in somewhere if you know what I mean.

I would love to just get in to my admin to start customizing! Goodness gracious me. I really appreciate your help/comments.
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02-24-2011, 11:01 AM
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RE: zen cart 1-click install admin questions
Ok so I am going to start again from scratch. I have removed the 1-click install and will follow tutorials to set it up manually again.

Question: What is the best zen cart tutorial for a mac user?

Thanks again!
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02-27-2011, 09:31 AM
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RE: zen cart 1-click install admin questions
Just an update to this query, I have got my zen cart site up and working. I wiped out the 1-click install and re-installed it all again following both the zen-cart tutorials (wiki) and the Kerrin Hardy tutorials simultaneously from scratch.

I found that I could crosscheck each step and whichever was worded a little ambiguously in one was easier to understand in the other. I haven't found the clearest set of installation tutorials yet and definitely haven't found one for Mac at all but it's all good I got there in the end and essentially on my own.

Thanks to forums like these and of course the world wide web.
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