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Request concerning the Announce Lists CGI script
02-08-2011, 03:55 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2011 04:01 PM by ReK_.)
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Request concerning the Announce Lists CGI script
I have a few suggestions concerning the announcement list script.

1) When the subscriber is sent emails that contain links to the script (ie the confirmation email), the url is>. For business sites this does not look very professional. It would be great if there were another option to specify a page at your own domain which would take the request and forward it to the script. One simple method would be to create a html form which will POST it to the script, much in the way the subscribe/unsubscribe form works. The confirmation links would then point to this form (location specified by the customer) and that page would take the GET value and place it in a hidden input, displaying a "Click here to confirm" button to the user. On the script's side, this could be as simple as providing a --key-- variable for use in the confirmation template in place of the --url--, as the rest can be done in PHP.

2) The ability to put a direct unsubscribe link in the email footer would also be very good. It could work in the same way as proposed above, though as I type this it occurs to me that this can be accomplished as the script exists, by including a link to a php script that has the --email-- variable as a GET parameter. Still, a formalized method of doing this would be appreciated if it is not much time/effort.

3) The ability to upload text/html file as the message body instead of having to copy/paste it into the form.

I have also added a quick guideline example of a PHP script to format a CSV for copy/paste to import addresses to the wiki:

Thank you.
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