Zurmo on VPS?

I recently upgraded to a VPS (including a 1 week trial of the MySQL VPS) for the express purpose of installing and using Zurmo. The issue I am having involves the fact that Zurmo’s installer tells me that the collition for the DB is set to utf8_general_ci. I have tried to change the collition to InnoDB, but there is no option for that.

Anything else I can do to make this work? My VPS is based on Debian for some reason (I thought DH upgraded to Ubuntu?)

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, something’s wrong here. utf8_general_ci is a collation, but InnoDB is a storage engine. These are two completely different kinds of database options, so it doesn’t make sense to talk about changing from one to the other. (Indeed, it’s possible to have a table configured to use the utf8_general_ci collation and the InnoDB storage engine at the same time.)

Can you share the exact error message you’re getting from the installer?


Here is the error message in question:
Database default collation is: utf8_general_ci . Database default collation should not be in: utf8_general_ci

Wow, that’s a really strange and unhelpful error message. Yuck. :frowning:

It looks like you might be able to fix this by running the following query on the database (e.g, through PHPMyAdmin):

ALTER DATABASE COLLATE = utf8_unicode_ci;

It’s not clear whether the installer will be satisfied with this, though, or whether it actually requires the collation to be set on the server level, which is more difficult to change.

Zurmo is certainly being picky…changing at the server level will be most helpful. That being said, at $20/mo est. to use the MySQL VPS based on my 1 week trial usage, it would be cheaper for me to simply pay for the hosted crm.me commercial version and keep everything else at Dreamhost.

I don’t know how much trouble it would be, but I would love to see Zurmo as a One-Click Installer. I fear this won’t happen until and unless MySQL is upgraded to 5.5 or newer, which is another item which Dreamhosters have been requesting for a LONG time with virtually no reply as of yet…perhaps we could at least know if there is anything in the works and have the thread in question updated?


Thread started in 2013…