ZipArchive libary enabling on shared hosting

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Hi all,

I am a rank amatuer when it comes to configuring PHP itself and the like.

I’ve been trying to implement PHPExcel on a project which I’m currently hosting on a directory in my site. The uploads are rather large, and in an attempt to accomodate this, i used dh-phpini to set up my own personalized php.ini file. I was able to change the file upload settings with no problem.

However, I now get the following error on all of my uploads regardless of size:

Error loading file “php5unJLl”: ZipArchive library is not enabled

Can someone on here provide me with a step-by-step “idiot’s guide” to enabling that library? Thanks!

Here’s a phpinfo file:


[] Remove dh-phpini. (Easiest way to do this is likely to remove the “.htaccess” file for your domain, as well as the “cgi-bin” directory.)
] Set your domain in the Panel (Manage Domains) to use PHP 5.3 or later.
[*] Follow the directions in the DreamHost Wiki to customize PHP settings.

And you’re done. The zip library should be enabled by default for PHP 5.3 and later, so no additional work should be necessary to configure it.