Zip code search a.k.a. store locator

Does anyone know of a good open source zip code search for our site? I run a site that offers users local anti-violence resources for people in crisis. Our current zip code search is hosted by a donor and they just broke it. They don’t know how to fix it. So I need to move it to our site ASAP.

Any suggestions?



I’ve been using flattext for years.

Examples: breeder referral and rescue contact searches. The map-based search uses zip data - you could search by zip code as easily.

Some notes: the flattext site has a script configurator that allows you to tinker with script customization quite a bit. When you’re done specifiying stuff it spits out the completed script - which you can further customize somewhat.

It does seem to use a ‘web-bug’ - a 1px transparent gif that appears to serve to track where the script key is being used - presumably that’s to ensure compliance with licensing.

that looks perfect. thanks.

Oh dear, I don’t read very well. Not open source. :frowning:

that’s ok. cheap is the next best thing to open source. i’ve searched and haven’t found anything that looks as good as flattext that’s open source.

Cheap is only the next best thing to open source, if you get source code with “cheap”, and the ability to make and distribute changes… otherwise cheap (and closed) is the next worse thing to expensive and closed.

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