Ok, I love SquirrelMail just as much as the next guy, but it’s… well, it’s ugly. Let’s face it. I’ve been with DH for quite a while (~6 years) but I’m not completely up to date on how their back end stuff works. How difficult would it be for DH to implement Zimbra (zimbra.com) for web based e-mail? I’d even be willing to pay a premium for my domains to use Zimbra as a webmail client. Anyone have any ideas? Does DH actually think about suggestions like this or are they pretty well set in their ways? Anyone have any experience with Zimbra that they can share?

I haven’t used Zimbra myself, but you may want to look at this thread:


It’s a heck of a lot prettier than Squirrelmail. I wouldn’t use it in a full-scale production environment, but it works great for me.

zimbra looks nice i might install it roundcube is just giving me too much trouble with user authentication

Zimbra wants to replace Microsoft Exchange Server, or so the documentation reads. The underlying code that makes it work is the Zimbra server. I doubt DH would consider this since it would require architectural changes. SquirrelMail is just a client mail reader with a small footprint. The installation for Zimbra is massive.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that SquirrelMail’s UI is horribly outdated.