Zero support for domain registration payment methods not working

I am long time customer of Dreamhost, my account is paid up, and I can’t get support? In fact, the only “support” option is to pay $9.95 to get a call back? You gotta be kidding me!!! I am trying to register a domain name, and all the payment methods are grayed out. You guys used to have chat support available, now nothing, not even a stinking “open a ticket” and wait, even that option is not available. You guys suck, are you going out of business?

They sucking a bit due to that recent middleman email thing, but they’re probably not going out of business.
I hope, for “old time’s sake” :slight_smile:

You can get support by logging in to your DH Panel and clicking Support on the left. Chances are that you’ll get a Live Response.

I’ve been here a while – albeit not a “fanboi” – but DH are usually responsive to those who have an account and they can sort shit out fairly quickly if you explain the issue you are facing in a ticket.

I appreciate the reply. I have in the past had good support, with tickets & chats, but now I don’t even have that option… the only option they are giving me is for a call back from support for $9.95, what??? That’s just stupid. No support is what that tells me. I have been with Dreamhost a long time, this is totally unacceptable.

Are you able to log in to the Panel?

Dreamhost must be out of business. 2 days in a row, no way to pay for domain/hosting and no support, only if you pay them $9.95 to get a “call back”. Worst example of support I have ever seen.

Hey Bill!

Apologies for the issues you are dealing with. We’re definitely not going out of business, but I’m also not sure what’s going with your account. I believe I’ve found your account and the normal support options appear to be there. I’m looping in someone from the support team to reach out to you through your account address so that you have a way of replying to us. Worst case scenario, you can contact us at and that should get you in touch with a manager that can assist you and get you to the right team.

Again, I apologize for the frustration and the issues you are dealing with; we’ll do our best to get in touch with you through your account and get it worked out. Let me know if you have any questions!

-Brandon W

yes, when I login, I do my normal Domains>Registrations>Renew to get to the payment method screen. There are 3 options, all of them are grayed out boxes that don’t let me click on any method of payment to renew my domains. I tried it on a Pc & on Mac, same results. I have been a customer for 10 years. My account is paid up. Like I said, this is like stealing, by turning off my ability to renew my domains, I can sue you guys for this. I need it fixed asap.

Are the domains in question expiring within the next 2 years? I ask because I notice that the max available registration commitment appears to be 2 years into the future in the DreamHost Panel (com and net). Some other registrars I use offer much longer periods than this.