Zero customer support

Hi, I signed up middle of last week and my account is still pending, I have 3 outstanding unanswered tickets for someone to get in touch with me and as yet still not a thing. There was a problem with billing that i sorted out with you at first, so I know you have the right contacts for me - please can some one get in touch and let me know what’s happening -

V.Frustrated and nowhere else to turn.

Support ticket numbers below

Yawn still nothing - admin, bueller, anyone… about to close all nightmarehost hosting.

Last chance admin - anyone? 4 days 7 tickets, no response. Absolutely shocking service. Open tickets below.

#4290810 Last chance before I cancel my account 14 secs

#4289568 Re: Need Approval please! 19 hours 20 mins

#4289564 this is getting tedious 19 hours 23 mins

#4289446 PLEASE RESPOND!!! 20 hours 41 mins

#4289215 Please start my account! 1 day 2 hours

#4287644 please approve my account. 3 days 2 hours

#4287600 Re: Need Approval please! 3 days 3 hours

It looks as though you’re all set now. Sorry about the delay.