Hi Everyone,

I’m just wondering if anyone knows why Dreamhost stopped featuring Zenphoto as a one-click install? I decided a while ago that I would use it as I like to stick with the one-click installs and also it is a photo CMS designed to be simpler. However, tonight, I finally have some time to do this I see it is gone. Also Zenphoto is no longer on wikipedia? Really weird.

I’m just wondering that if anyone knows why it was removed if I should avoid using it. Was there something wrong with it? Did the developers do something wrong? Or was it just an issue of too difficult to maintain as one-click? Basically I want to know if it is worth installing it myself from the tar or zip or if it is now no longer a good program to use?



Zenphoto was only ever available as a Simple One-Click Install on DreamHost, and we’ve discontinued that type of installation altogether. We may reintroduce Zenphoto as a (advanced) one-click install at a later point; don’t consider the program’s temporarily unavailability as any sort of value judgement.


Thanks Andrew, that is what I wanted to know. Because it is also currently not on wikipedia either I was wondering if maybe the thing I read on their website about advertising had somehow devastated the development of it or something, but I guess I was just being paranoid.

I think I’ll try it though I wish there was the install shortcut “one-click.”


Wikipedia article is just back and I found this here as a possible reason about why it was removed. A notice is still left no the top of the main article.


Thanks, wow, that was actually in response to my request to restore it. I’m not normally very wikipedia savvy but that is cool it worked. I suppose I ought to put a few minutes in to make sure the article looks worth keeping up.



Zenphoto is still an active open source project. I have it installed on a domain and have been very happy with it.

I don’t/didn’t use the dreamhost one-click installer, it’s easy to install and update. It’s even easier if you know how to grab it from the shell uncompress/unzip directly on the server.


Thanks, I actually got fooled by their April Fools Day joke http://www.zenphoto.org/news/zenphoto-hosting which was really dry humour and almost gave up but I think I’m going to try it. I actually have a friend who worked on coding Gallery2 so I’ve been using that for some time. However, I find it not user friendly and he is too busy to help me with my project these days. (And anyway Gallery3 is such a major departure I don’t really want to deal with that)



Gallery2 is overkill for a personal gallery site and I decided to use Zenphoto also. While it is far from perfect, it does a good job managing a family memories in picture.