Zenphoto pass reset not working


I have tried multiple times to reset the password of an ‘easy install’ copy of ZenPhoto. The reset doesn’t seem to register the entered new password!

Anyone seen this?



Same thing here. How is Zenphoto admin supposed to work in the first place? I did the “easy install” but I couldn’t find pointers anywhere on how to get into the admin, or create an admin user for that matter. Maybe I’m just stupid, but…


When you install Zenphoto successfully you are sent an email that gives you :-
The location of your Zenphoto website

The URL to manage your Zenphoto website

The username and password to manage the site. (usually admin and 6 characters for the password)

Sometimes the email is not received by a users nominated account for whatever reason, but a copy is available for inspection under support history.

Search by subject for an email starting:-

Subject: Success installing zenphoto to …

I believe that reset password information is also emailed and possibly available in the support history. I have not used this feature yet.


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