Zenphoto oneclick location



I just installed zenphoto via the oneclick install, and only have one question. Where the heck did it install it / where the heck are my albums stored?

I really wanted to ftp my albums, but I can’t seem to track down where the zenphoto album folder is, in fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t accessible via ftp / ssh.

Doing an initial drop of many albums via http could take weeks ( slow dsl + a few photos at a time = excruciating), oh please tell me that I am just blind and I can ftp them in ( ftp + overnight = painless).


I don’t know. I suspect the “easy” once-click installer probably put it in the same place it puts the files for the “easy” WordPRess once-click install - “somewhere deep in the bowels of DreamHost”. I don’t know where your pictures are either.

I think you are right about that.

I’m thinking that what you are going to have to use, at least for now, if you use that “easy” one-click install method. In the DreamHost Newletter where the new “easy” zenphoto install was announced, Josh says:

Of course, you can just install zenphoto yourself and put your files anyplace you want! :wink:



That would be lovely, install myself (Wait! I’m already installed)

There is no option in advanced mode for this though.

How to install, or shall I just wait until it is included under advanced install?



You can grab the installable package from the zenphoto site, and just follow the instructions. It’s really pretty easy!



Seems like that’s the way to go, thanks!

If they ever change it so that we can access the oneclick album folder via the cli, I can always just move my albums to the oneclick then. I’m pretty lazy afterall, and having less software to upgrade sounds peachy :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked at the Wiki before coming here, and there is an article on zenphoto which consists precisely of instructions for manual installation. Don’t know if they may help.


Thinking about this “Right now, the only way to upload pictures to it is via a web-based uploader”…

In that beastly Gallery program I use a web-based uploader, but it allows me to “upload” from a directory on the web server. I’m not sure that is ruled out by the wording in the newsletter, which mentions quite different things as missing: email and XP picture publisher (am I missing something or does that refer to Corel $oftware on a specific version of Micro$oft OS?)


There’s a long discussion on the zenphoto site about problems with installation on Dreamhost. It starts with a slightly different version of the installation instruction on the DH wiki, and most of it is over my head but I do get the picture that the very simple installation instructions on the zp site won’t work here, principally because of the database being on a different machine from the web server.

If the one-click works reasonably well I think it will save a lot of trouble for anyone like me who knows little about mysql and php configuration.


For what it is worth it does take only seconds to install the package.

Download the package and unzip and upload to where you want it.

(Use SSH and wget the tar.gz file if you prefer)

Run the setup file via your browser:-


This will check your system is okay.
(Leave the browser page open.)

All you then need to do is set up a database from the DreamHost MySQL section of the control panel.

Choosing a database name,a hostname,username,password.

When that is completed paste the information into the zenphoto setup page you left open and click save.

You will then be asked for an admin user and password to administer your zenphotos site. Save that information and you will be at the Zenphoto admin login page where you can administer and upload your photos as per the DreamHost easyonestopnomessingaboutclick option.

You can also ftp your images to the albums you create. The path is


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I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

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It took me about ten minutes to install and configure zenphoto, including the time to create a new db user in the dreamhost panel (not really necessary), and wget’ing the zenphoto install gzip.

There’s absolutely nothing difficult about installing it on Dreamhost.

I even test deployed 5 more zenphoto galleries, each taking about 1 minute to extract and configure, once I got into the rythm of things.


Thanks Norm (and others)

I’m doing the manual installation and after

[quote]Choosing a database name,a hostname,username,password.


I get the systems test with everythink OK, but above that:

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/.indigo/(myid/mydomain)/zenphoto/zp-core/setup.php on line 51

I’ll go ahead anyway for now, but does this mean something is buggy with my installation?


No it is okay. It is a warning message only. There is a piece of code that checks to see if the installation is doing an update and needs to update any database tables.

Because it is a new installation we all get that error message. It is already fixed for the next version.

Do what I did and hold a piece of paper over the top of the screen so you cannot see the message. :slight_smile:


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!


Thanks again Norm…

It’s good to know there isn’t some disaster lurking.

I’ve only spent a bit of time on this so far, but what I have done has been completely hassle free, like you said. I used the upload interface first time and uploaded a picture. Next time I used ftp, and when I went back to the album from the picture, it updated to show both. Then I ftp’d a zip file and expected the pics to show (I must have misunderstood something, or perhaps I need to tweak some settings - I thought zenphoto would get the pics from a zip file) but they didn’t. So I went to webftp and was pleased to find I can unzip files there. Did so, but the album didn’t update until I reloaded in the browser. Seems inconsistent but not a problem.

Off-topic re ftp: When I uploaded the installation zip file via Konqueror, I told Konqueror to ‘unzip here’, thinking it would use unzip on the remote server if available, but it remembered where the local copy was, unzipped it, and uploaded the files. That’s why I was glad to find unzip in webftp.


Yes the zip feature only works in the web upload page. You can only upload single images via ftp although of course you could always drag-drop a large number of images via ftp.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!


Followed your instructions Norm but it seems some of the links in the Administration pages don’t have the form of mywebsite/zenphoto/zp-core… but have mywebsite/zp-core… so then I get an error message. Did I do the setup incorrectly?



Did you download the full package and do you know which version it is? They update the package nightly so it would not surprise me if things moved about a bit.

It would also depend where you installed the files to. In my case they were installed to the zenphoto folder under example.com

i.e. example.com/zenphoto

If you install the files into a base folder like example.com then adjust as necessary.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK! :@

Act on my advice at your own risk!


I installed the main version from their site.
I use Dreamweaver and put the folder in mywebsite.com/zenphoto
Some links work but some don’t, it’s odd.



So you have version 1.1.5 from zenphoto.org?
Have you (or DreamWeaver) changed the .htacces file at all so that the rewrite has changed.

You could try changing the RewriteBase to your full URL or perhaps first try editing the zp-config.php in zp-core. At the end of the file are the path overrides. Try uncommenting the two lines as indicated and see if that helps.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK! :@

Act on my advice at your own risk!


Here are some of the thigs I’m seeing
http://www.aglassman.com/craigslist/Picture 1.jpg

http://www.aglassman.com/craigslist/Picture 2.jpg
Plus this is what the site looks like
http://www.aglassman.com/craigslist/Picture 3.jpg



Under http://yourwebsite/zenphoto/ do you have any zenphoto files listed such as:-

.htaccess 1License.txt README.html albums cache example_robots.txt index.php lighttpd-rewrite.txt rss-comments.php rss.php themes zp-core

… and if not where have you got them?


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK! :@

Act on my advice at your own risk!