Zenphoto: download photos

I have a one click install of Zenphoto. Although it has been annoying, I have put up with the web uploading form. Unfortunately now that I put off installing the full version to simplify uploading I lost my offline copy of all my pictures. (WinXP reinstall)

Other then manually clicking on any single picture, clicking on full screen, save as, back, next picture, etc… 700 to 800 times, does anyone have a suggestion how to download all of the pictures in a Zenphoto Gallery?

I’ve looked through my (unpopulated) zenphoto test site and don’t see any options for grabbing everything, such as a cart.

A wild hope would be to try one of the Backup options from the DreamHost panel, such as the Account Backup under the Home menu, or even Restore under the Manage Domains menu. Restore has an option to restore to your home directory, but I don’t know if this will work for Easy installs.


Yes, unfortunately the easy installs of anything are stored far away from your home directory. I found this discussion posted earlier this year which provides more information but really doesn’t help.

If this is to download your gallery pic by pic, couldn’t you use a spider to do the work automatically on your PC?

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