Zend optimizer

I have been looking on the internet, google, forums, dreamhost wiki, and this forum…but no where I can find if I can use a script which requires zend optimizer to be installed.

Maybe I overlooked a post, but if someone can help me with this I would be most thankfull.

(I dont want to buy a script and later find out I cant use it).

Another question pops into my mind which I struggled over some time ago.

Some scripts I have need the php.ini to be customized.
Is this possible ?
(I thought I read something about this in the dreamhost wiki the other day when I was looking for the zend optimizer issue)

If this all isn’t possible then I am seriously thinking of switching hosts who can help me make his possible, although I rather stay with dreamhost ofcourse.

Answer to question one: You should be able to. Zend Optimizer v3.2.2 is available.

Answer to question two: Yes, There is a wiki article on compiling your own copy of php

Hope that helps.

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Dreamhost has zend already pre-installed Zend with their standard configuration.

As per Jan 07…http://wiki.dreamhost.com/V9.1_January_2007

I do believe they have configured it to only work with PHP5.

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