Zend Optimizer not Installed?

Hi everyone,

I know these days there’s some problem with the upgrade but i thouth dreamhost already address the problem. Today i try to install a forum which require zend optimizer and got “Zend Optimizer not Installed”. How to solve this problem??


Because these kinds of settings are server specific, it’s probably best to contact DH support.

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Otherwise, you can install Zend locally.

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Thanks for response folks. Now the question is how to install zend locally? I’ve already sent an email to the support team, but there’re 153 open questions …


I search Discuz!'s official support forum. It seems that the application requires (It is said that php5.2 only work properly with new version zend 3.2):
php5.2 + zend optimizer 3.2

php 5.2
Zend 3.2

Anyone know what php and zend we use on our server?