Zend MySQL access troubles

I just recently made the switch from Dreamweaver to Zend due to the copy of Dreamweaver I had been using belonging to my roommate and not me. This has been a good thing so far with one exception: Zend is refusing to connect to my MySQL databases, and I can’t figure out why. It throws me this error: http://fuzzy-dice.net/uploads/mysqlerror.png.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the hell could be causing it? Maybe my port? I have it set to 3306. I can’t think of what else it may be. Dreamweaver still connects to it fine on the same computer, for those of you who may wonder.

You need to add your IP address to the list of Allowable Hosts that can access your database.



Ok, thanks. Can I ask why Dreamweaver can still access it though?

I don’t use Dreamweaver, but maybe Dreamweaver is making the calls via the website, and not a direct connection to the database.

Did adding your IP address fix it?


Yeah, it works fine now. Thanks. It doesn’t seem to be doing that, but I suppose it’s a possibility. I guess I just have to file it under one of those wonderful mysteries for right now. It is quite a bit slower with DB checks than Zend.