Zend_mm_heap corrupted - please help

Hi I am getting the following errors in my error log:

File does not exist, missing.html - and
zend_mm_heap corrupted - and
Premature end of script headers: php5.cgi

All was working well about a week ago - I think there was a PHP upgrade recently which is causing this.

I put some trace code in and its crashing in a user defined function that was written ages ago and that also works perfectly a week ago - and still works fine on my dev server at home.

On another of my web sites I am also getting zend_mm_heap corrupted problems when I do a include of a php script from another - again code that is pretty generic to my code library and that has suddenly become broken.

Anyone else suffering or am I the only one.


There was an attempted upgrade a month or two ago that seemed to cause similar issues. You might want to talk to support. (or someone else might pop up here with more info)

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It was suggested to me by by tech support to downgrade to PHP 4.

I have not downgraded my domains to PHP4 as I have never used PHP4 (i went straight into PHP5).

I really cannot go back to PHP4 because I am using a shedload of the new PHP 5 only functions and that would mean I might as well throw my code away and start from scratch - it took me a few months to write my code.

From the research that I have done and the debuging I have found that there are memory problems with str_ireplace functions (in 5.2.1) and other things.

In google, just do a search for “5.2.1” and “zend_mm_heap corrupted” and there is a lot of bugs listed.

So, would anyone mind if dreamhost rolled back to a more stable version of php 5 (pretty please) or i’ll cross my fingers and wait for a new stable version of php 5 whilst my web devopment business goes bust ?


JUST SAY NO TO PHP 5.2.1 !!!

Has anyone managed to write replacement functions for these “troubled” functions (you’d have to do a bit of search/replace for that to work) or is a new php release out there that has these fixed? If there’s an issue I’ll bet you could beg DH and various users to request an upgrade.

(Sorry, I’m not a php junkie and all our REAL php guys appear to be sleeping. Where are they?)

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You could always install a custom version of PHP5.
Information is provided in the wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Installing_PHP5

If that seems a bit too much trouble for you, I (or someone else) could install it for you, for a small price. Though honestly, if you have any shell experience at all (or can afford to take the time to read the wiki info on the shell and how to use it) I believe you’ll find the instructions in the wiki more than adequate to get a fully customized and functional PHP5.x up and running. :slight_smile:
I highly recommend doing so if you don’t plan to update your scripts before DreamHost decides to upgrade yet again.

There’s one! They’re not unconscious.

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Only semi-unconscious :stuck_out_tongue: