Zend Debugger

Has anybody here have tried installing Zend Debugger to your custom php install? I’ve followed everything in http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Zend_Debugger but when I view my phpInfo(), it doesn’t show the Zend Debugger at all. I tried running ./php -v in the install directory of my custom php and I get this error message: /home/username/ZendDebugger.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any ideas?

Ensure the correct ZendDebugger.so is in your user root directory.

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Still doesn’t work. My custom php install is version 5.2.6 and I copied over the correct ZendDebugger.so (from the 5_2_x_comp folder) into my user root directory.

Here are the 3 lines at the bottom of my php.ini located @



Hey guys,
I finally got it to work! My bad, I didn’t know that dreamhost was running 64bit and i kept on trying the files with “i386” on it from http://downloads.zend.com/pdt/server-debugger/ that’s why it never worked.

Just FYI, I was able to load the ZendDebugger extension even without using a custom php install.