Zend Debugger

I would like to know if anybody is using Zend Studio for developing in PHP. I downloaded an evaluation version, and I am trying to get the remote debugger working. I don’t even know if it’s possible to get it working so I would like to know. If it doesn’t work, what other IDEs do people use for developing in PHP. I have been using the internal debugger for Zend, and it is quite good, but I can’t get all the php modules working correctly. I would like to be able to debug on the server it’s actually running on if that is at all possible. I’m not sure how this would work in a shared hosting environment, since i know debugging on IIS in .Net will lock up the entire server.

I’m using Zend studio for a while now and it absolutly rocks my socks. Pity it’s expensive software, but if you want cheap-ass quality then check http://www.eclipse.org/php ; It’s the zend but then “ported” to eclipse so free. Still in development thought but some kind of stable.

I’ve tried the phpide of eclipse since the beginning of it’s existence and it looks promissing!!

Other ide or apps that i recommend are dreamweaver and notepad++

So did you get the Zend remote debugger working on dreamhost? I’m seriously considering buying that if I can get it set up correctly. I’m currently using a trial version, which is only good for a month.

actually I use the remote debugger locally :slight_smile: never tried it on dreamhost

slauson.dreamhost.com rocks! (so does my site :))
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