Zend and PHP

If you’ve compiled your own PHP does anyone know if I can still take advantage of Zend Optimizer? or is only for PHP currently installed on the dreamhost servers?

Also as a side note, kinda new at this, once compiling my PHP, I’ve got like 400mb of php files, mostly source stuff, can I remove that, or is it needed even after I’ve compiled?

I’m wondering about this as well. I know it’s technically possible–my previous host had Zend Optimizer, and it was automatically available even if I compiled my own PHP.

I’ve tried re-compiling my PHP to see if that would make Zend Optimizer show up, but it’s still not there. It’s definitely on the default PHP-CGI, but not on my own.

As for your other question, it’s safe to remove everything in the directory you used to compile PHP.

Thanks for the help, at least for the second part, kinda new at this, but given I might try to recompile as well to figure out zend, the uncompiled files will probably stay for a little while.

I’ll keep you posted if I find anything out about zend and compiled PHP.

One of my error logs contains this message a couple dozen times:

“Cannot load Zend Extension Manager - it is thread safe, whereas Zend isn’t”

It’s generated by the Dreamhost-default PHP5. (I was just accessing phpinfo(). My own PHP5 won’t have anything to do with Zend Optimizer.) I’m not sure if this has anything to do with anything or not.

“Cannot load Zend Extension Manager - it is thread safe, whereas Zend isn’t”

I’m getting this in my error logs too.

i just compiled php according to http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Custom_compile_PHP_4

and i made two changes to the php.ini to allow a newmodule, but it doesnt show up using “php -m”

do i need to restart php, with something like “httpd restart” or is that forbidden?


If you are using PHP as CGI, there is no need to restart Apache.

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