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Windows Publish(Upload) for ZenPhoto
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ZenPhoto has integrated Window’s Publish feature which allows you to upload your photos directly from your computer using a windows interface, this is very useful if you have a lot of photos to upload.

1.) To start you will just need to download a small registry file which will tell your computer which website to upload your photos to.

Windows XP - you will need to go to your website and load the xp_publish.php page (http://domain.com/xp_publish.php) you will then see a page like this

Didnt see that page and zenphoto came back with an error no file found?? Totally FAIL :frowning:
Any ideas?

It showed up for me. If you want to look at that file, you can grab it from mine:

It has my domain info in it, but it still depends on the xp_publish.php being there.


So scott you want me to upload my photos to your site? heh its set up for your zenphoto not mine:)
Forsome reason It works with my url now thanks !