Zen Photo: (nested folder albums possible?)


Webhost n00b here., Looking to experiment, play, dabble, and hopefully learn a thing or two while at it.

My first question is using ZenPhoto, can I have nested folders as albums? It seems as though the answer is “no”? When I’ve created a folder, I can’t seem to find a place to create a folder within that one, merely modify settings, and upload pics :(.

Would really be nice if I could have nested folders.

You mean like an album within an album? Their demo gallery doesn’t show such a thing. Personally, I use and like Gallery, also a One-Click. It’s not available in Easy mode, and that’s fine with me. Gallery allows for sub-albums, and is as powerful or simple as you’d like.

Give it a try. You can always delete it if you don’t like it.

I stand corrected. The Zenphoto site said that subalbums are a feature in 1.2, which is what’s currently running here.