Zen cart - where it the command line?

I am in the process of installation.

I need to change the admin/includes/configure.php files to to not be writable chmod 440 from the command line

My question - where is that command line?

I can see the files through my ftp ( DreamWeaver ) but not sure where do that thing to the files.

The “command line” they are referring to is the *nix shell program running on the Dreamhost machine your site is hosted from (in this case a Debian Linux system), and you can learn about the “shell” and the "command line from this Dreamhost Wiki Article. If this is all “new” to you, make sure you follow the other links provided in the article for further explanations and information on SSH, Shell Commands, and Enabling Shell Access.

You can also change the permissions (chmod) on files via many FTP clients; I don’t use Dreamweaver for FTP so I don’t know if you can change permissions from the ftp interface in Dreamweaver.

You can also use Dreamhost’s web-based ftp client to change permissions on files and directories.


Thans for that, very helpful. I did the CHMOD via the web FTP that seemed to work ok.

I also deleted the installation files /zc_install

Now when I go to http://www.thousandsketches.com/zen it looks for the installation files - and I can’t access anything there - nor the admin side.

I have tried to re-install it all to have another go, but the email is not coming through.



It sounds to me like a “chicken and the egg - who came first?” kind of thing. Did you do this install from the “one-click” installer on Dreamhost, or did you install it yourself?

Generally speaking, after you complete the first “running” of the install files, they write your “new” config file, then you chmod that file so it is not “re-writable”, and then delete the install directory. It sounds like you don’t have “config” file that zencart considers to be “installed”, so it tries to fun the “install”, which you have already deleted (which would explain your “not found” message).


Ok, looks like I did it in the wrong order.
The warnings on my Zen site came up in the other order so that is confusing.

I have deleted the lot. Started again and will chmod then delete (hang on) I’ll just change the name of the directory this time.