Zen Cart - Way to slow

Hi there,

So our website loads pretty fast, however the zen cart store page takes at least 7-10 seconds to load on DSL. What can I do to speed this up?

It’s going to be really hard for anyone to offer you much in the way of constructive advice on how to make your cart run faster if you don’t provide a link to your cart/site so they can see what you are talking about and evaluate what might be done to speed it up. :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support


Website: http://www.sparktechignitions.net
Store: http://www.sparktechignitions.net/store

I didn’t need to see his site. My bare-bones test Zencart site with all default settings takes just as long to load. Right now, the OP’s site takes less than 5 seconds for me, and my test site still takes close to 10.

In other words, all I can muster up is sympathy, but no solutions.


Well, it helped me to be able to see the store! :wink: That said, I don’t really have any suggestions for you. The site/store doesn’t have any glaring things that might be contributing to a slow page load that I can see.

My experience was, however, a good deal better than yours. The initial page loaf of the store’s front page took just under 4 seconds from submitting the url until it was fully loaded, and subsequent pages to view products were a little quicker 2.5-3 seconds.

I agree faster would be better, but for me it loaded reasonably well. I’m sorry I don’t have anything more helpful for you.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thanks for taking the time to check on it… Do you think switching to dedicated hosting would help any?

I didn’t look too far into it, but the store looked completely loaded to me in less than 4 seconds, though FasterFox didn’t stop the clock until just over 9 seconds.

If you’re loading any counters, scripts, images, etc… from another site, maybe try temporarily removing those and see if that helps at all.

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Firebug tells me that your site takes:

  1. 200ms for the 301 redirect
  2. 3.22s for the initial page to be retrieved
  3. 400ms for various CSS and images
  4. 2.52s for your embedded sitemeter
  5. 250ms for additional stuff that loads after sitemeter

Subsequent non-cached page loads seem to take a little over 3 seconds.

BTW, I also did see a bit of lag with your “specificclick” addon.

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So I see your site is loading pretty quick now. What did you do to speed things up?