Zen Cart Install Issue -- Cache error



I am attempting to install Zen-Cart on the server sistrum but after clicking the install button I get the following error:

"Sorry, a problem has been detected.

This installer needs to be able to start a PHP session in order to complete installation.

Possible causes of this page being displayed include:

  • The server has no place to write its session files.

If you have not already made the “cache” folder writable, please do so now so the installer can continue. Details on making the files writable can be found in the Installation Instructions or in the online FAQs.

  • PHP sessions might not be functional on your server

In order to use Zen Cart™, you will need to be able to use the “session” capabilities of PHP. It could be that your server configuration is not currently allowing PHP sessions to start and interact properly. Also, if you have session cookies disabled in your browser, you will not be able to use PHP session support. Please turn off cookie-blocking tools in your browser and firewall as a precaution.

You may need to talk to your webserver administrator for assistance in ensuring that PHP sessions can be configured and used on your site."

I have cookies enabled, proper file permissions on all the files and folders as instructed in the installation guide, and global PHP session setting is on.

If someone could please tell me what is wrong…


Has this been resolved? Being that it’s a One-Click, it should go off without a hitch. And if there is a problem, Support should be notified.