Zen Cart & https - I'm confused

Hi, I’m setting up Zen Cart for the first time. I’ve never set up a shop like this before and Php & SQL is new to me.

Anyway I installed Zen Cart to my site via the goodies section then started to follow the instructions on the email.
However when I get to page four I come across a part where it asks about https and the dreamhost instructions are:

“Enable SSL and Enable SSL in Admin Area:
Set these to yes ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE https://www.(domain).com
configured and working!”

Hmm, I thought, and headed straight to my domain management scratching my head. I can add https, but I’ve to pay for a static IP and also for a certificate.

Since all I really want to do is configure Zen Cart to (hopefully) work with Paypal, do I really need to have https when Paypal will be the one handling all the secure stuff anyway?

No, you don’t need to have/setup https if you are not going to collect any data that need to be secured that way.

That is one of the biggest advantages of just using PayPal for taking payments. :wink:


that’s great, thanks