Zen Cart & Gallery2

I searched these forums, the Zen Cart Forums and even Google search but could not find the answer to this problem. I did the one-click install for Zen Cart and then tried to integrate the module into Gallery2 using the information at http://codex.gallery2.org/Gallery2:Modules:zencart.

The Zen Cart one-click install and then configuration worked without problem.

The module appeared to integrate as expected and appeared in the plugins list of the Gallery2 siteadmin screen.

Went to try to configure the plugin and at the screen called Zen Cart Settings it asks for “Path to Zen Cart directory:” I entered the full path to the Zen Cart installation of /home/goldfros/dev.goldfrost.net/zencart/ . When I click save the next screen only shows two words: Illegal Access.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem is?

Maybe you just need to put the path from your web home (zencart/)?

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in the gallery2 / zencart module installation directions it says the zencart directory must be a subdirectory of the gallery2 directory. personally i don’t like that at all… however, a symlink works.

ok i know this is like 5 years old but … whatever.