Zen Cart Error...Did Dreamhost update something?

While I’m pretty sure that Dreamhost didn’t update any of their server software causing my Zen Cart error, the folks on the Zen Cart forums are insisting that is the case. If so I hope it is and I can get it resovled.

Since there are no other posts here concerning it that leads me to believe it isn’t a Dreamhost caused problem. Unless I’m the only person on Dreamhost using Zen Cart. heh.

Anyway, sometime in the last 2-3 weeks we lost the ability to edit any of the products in the catalog.

I get this error…

Normally i can figure out what is wrong but this time I’m sort of baffled why this might just show up out of the blue.


My guess, would be it’s related to the PHP 5.2.2 updates.
I can’t verify however, as I don’t use Zen Cart, so you might want to contact support and see if they’re aware of this. :wink:

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While DH did upgrade to PHP 5.2.2 during approximately the time period you indicated the trouble started, I think that some previous edit of your products might be more likely to be the source of the prolem.

Since you mentioned the Zen cart forums, I assume you saw this thread.

If so, what did your SQL query test show? If not, you might read through that thread and check out your product tables as suggested.

At least, that’s one place I would start. :wink: