Zebes slowness

The past few days, my sites on zebes have been having severe problems. The load times have been horrible (even for HTML only pages), and quite often they wouldn’t load at all.

I know it’s not just me, because many of my visitors have been complaining as well.

Is this a known issue, and could anything be done to correct this?

We have noticed this as well. I’ve had to reboot it and / or stop the webservers a time or two this weekend.

I’ve made a change which will (hopefully) fix this problem - have you noticed any problems since mid-afternoon?

Ps - I notice that you’re posting from an Swbell IP. We have been having some network problems between one of our upstream providers and Swbell - these should have been addressed by now, but I’m still seeing a bit of packet loss. I will look into this, and divert traffic through a different provider if necessary.

We were still having trouble around the time I posted the message.

Right now though, at 1:30 AM CST, it seems much better.

Hrm - the actual server load problems were only much earlier in the day as far as I can tell. I’m guessing the network problems may have been at least partially to blame. Looking into things further, it seems pretty likely that the packet loss is / was within SBC / Swbell. Anyway, let me know if you see further problems. If you can connect to the server via telnet or SSH at the time, the output of the command “uptime” at the time you’re seeing the problem would also be helpful.