Anyone know how to configure dreamhost and to work together on a server level?

I’m pretty sure that’s only going to work on a Windows-based system, because it needs MDaemon (a Windows-based mail server).

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yes but my point is that - it doesn’t matter if it’s windows base IF it runs on zaep’s server and not dreamhost’s server (which I think is the situation)

Thanks - appreciate your time and input in this

(i am trying to stop the 200 spams that everyone gets on a non-profit domain that I support - I have a few pop mail accounts set up and they all get tons of spam)

you might be correct, but I cannot find where it says WHERE the app runs

There is a download button on their homepage, and it’s a trial application. I haven’t downloaded it to verify exactly what the client is, but that pretty much tells me that you need to run the client, in order to use their server/services.

Why did you create a new thread on this and bump the old one anyways?

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