You've been spam blacklisted - AGAIN

This has been getting increasingly embarrassing for me, and today is the final straw. is on the list.

After ten years of happy hosting with DreamHost I’m no longer going to recommend it to my clients, and I’m going to have to try to migrate all non-GoogleApps clients to another service.

Your competitors manage to stay off the lists. Why can’t you?

It’s not something that DreamHost is doing. From the link you provided:

Wait! There’s more…

[quote]IP Address is not listed in the CBL.

It was previously listed, but was removed at 2014-08-15 13:23 GMT (1 hours, 53 minutes ago)[/quote]


You created an account on the forum just to complain? That’s hardcore, that is. isn’t even a DreamHost IP address! That address is part of Google’s mail systems.