Your DreamHost VPS needs help!

We keep receiving these emails stating that our VPS has exceeded it’s memory allocation. When looking at the logs after the reboot there is no indication that we even came close to much less exceeded our allocation. Why does our server keep getting bounced for something that is not occurring? Is the activity just spiking suddenly and not getting logged? If it is not getting logged, why not?

What are your stats and what scripts are you running?

Stats are low. Memory’s set to 400, and they’ve yet to top 200! Highest CPU was 0.52

I think you should open a ticket for this, so someone with super server chops can get their mitts in this one.

Well in that case don’t be timid with the CAPSLOCK. We all need a hip and shoulder now and then :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response fellas. I’ll go rant in a ticket now :slight_smile: