Your DreamHost Account is Awaiting Approval

why my account is still pending?

I have receive payment receipt email and even SMS notification from my credit card companies, it means that Dreamhost should have already received my payment.

Is there something i need to worry of?

by theway, i just join through this refferal site

they said that i will receiver free .com and .co domain
i just redeem the free .com domain in the registration section, where can I redeem the .co domain? if possible, i would give that to my dad

I’m from Indonesia btw, and a total noob

nice knowing you guys

If it’s still pending, I suggest you contact dreamhost support through the contact form (if you cannot login to your control panel) at … If you can login at your control panel, either live chat or create a new ticket ( ). Good luck to you.

I am also waiting to get my dreamhost account get approved, it’s been 4 day’s and there is no responce.
I joined from below referal site

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Hi nektaz_az

Thank you for contacting us for help, we apologize for the delay in response.

If you account is still waiting for manual approval please contact us here supply us with the support ticket# and we will get it over to our approvals team right away!

Matt C