Your domain renewal process sucks

No, seriously. It’s dreadful.

I’ve had this conversation in the past with DH; in fact just about every time I need to renew domains. We are not able to renew multiple domains at the same time, and this causes your system to short circuit at times, making the process cumbersome and annoying. (And yes, I am aware of “auto renewal,” but this is not an option for me or many customers.)

Every year when I need to renew I get the following error after I go through the steps of renewing my first domain.

Instead of working, I’m waiting until DH’s server posts my payment so I can start the process all over again for the next one…and the next one…and the next.

Solution: Put checkboxes next to all of the domains for an account and an option to “renew selected.” This would take you to the payment page with the total amount to pay.

Hello Masada,

Thank you for contacting us here with your concern, we value your feedback. Our domain registrations are managed the way they are for a few reasons but we agree the flow could be better and want to help. The main reason DomRegs have been managed individually like this for so long is as a safety precaution.

It’s an attempt to avoid accidental over-charging for both the customer and ourselves. When registrations and renewals are processed, we are fronting the money to our parent registrar, money we can’t get back in the case of renewals.

Currently the workaround and longtime solution has been to make one big payment and credit the account first before renewing multiple domains so you don’t have to pay for them all individually.

We will definitely raise your concerns and details about the auto renewal issues higher up the chain to be looked into,

Matt C

No matter. I figured a workaround:

When emails start popping up asking to renew domains (I have 7-8 with Dreamhost), only pay for one. After a week or so, you’ll get “don’t forget to renew your domain!” emails…ignore them.
After a couple more of those warning emails, you’ll get an email saying you owe money on your account — an amount that just happens to be the total amount of all the domains. Then you can pay it all at once and be done.

Hopefully this helped other businessmen frustrated with companies that do things “for your safety.”

There is an even easier workaround. Add up how much money you need to spend on Domain Renewals and make a payment for that amount to your Dreamhost account. THEN renew your domains. Since you have a credit balance there is no payment needed.