Your customerservice (Edited)

i am a new customer to dreamhost. they have no problems charging my credit card, but they can’t email me my confirmation that i have web space. what the foo!

How long ago did you sign-up?

Some accounts seem to be auto approved in minutes, while others (for whatever reason) are flagged for manual approval and can take days, especially if you sign-up close to a week-end.

After you have been approved, you should receive a couple of emails detailing all your log-in details.


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I’m sure people trying to sign up with stolen credit cards hate that awful verification period, too.

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Could you maybe post something for the support department to use rather than “your customerservice sucks”?

Maybe the email address you provided is down at the moment?
Maybe it got caught in the spam filters you may have set up on your account that you signed up with?
Did you use a webmail type account like a account for sign up?

Maybe you could also contact them at, tell them you’re a new customer, and you haven’t received your confirmation email yet, instead of posted “your customerservice sucks”

We do have a very sophisticated approval system due to the somewhat ornery fraudsters out there. The poster here describes something that does not take place in our system, so they will need to register on the boards and post the domain they tried to sign up with or send in a support message referencing their account.