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Ticket : #7687181
Time: 1489121854

I use a virtual credit number VCN Indonesian national bank because I do not have a credit card, in Indonesia is very difficult to have a credit card number, so I can not upload photos from the front of the credit card used to open an account, so please be verified

If you have a question about your dreamhost account pending, you would need to contact Dreamhost support directly rather than the discussion form. Dreamhost has direct contact here

As well as information on accounts pending

Hi there,

I’ve been waiting for more than 24hours for my account to be activated. It took so long that I ended up having to sign up with another service provider, now I am trying to cancel this account, however nobody from the support team is answering my tickets which means that I can’t even cancel it since its still on “pending”. Please help me, this is utterly frustrating. :frowning:


Hello Bruno.

Thank you for contacting us for help! If you can supply us with a support ticket# or domain name on the account we can get his issue over to our approvals team to review,

Matt C

Hi there,

Sorry to steal anyone’s thunder but I am still waiting for my account to be activated too since signing up for Dreampress yesterday. I have raised a ticket but still no joy.
I really don’t want to but I am considering signing up elsewhere as this is really frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ticket -#7870606


I hear from colleagues that your ticket has been taken care of.