Your account is pending!

its over five days since i paid for dreamhost
the account is still pengding
i have sumitted the ticket for serveral times
and nobody reply me
my ticket:
Message #: 7214298
Message #: 7212976
Message #: 7212789
Message #: 7210760

You’ve been closing all of your own support requests. We don’t answer support requests that are closed; you’re only supposed to click that button if you don’t actually need help after all.

I’ve reopened your most recent support request.

i never closed my support request myself
i think its self-closed?
and i want to know whats the time can my account approved?
when i sumbitted the request
its really self closed。。。。。。。。。。

there’s no button that i can close my request support myself

You’ve now created six new support tickets, and closed one more of them.

Please don’t do that. Our Approvals team will get to your ticket in the morning. You do not need to open more tickets.

ok thx
because it has pending over five days
btw: i never close the ticket… maybe there’s something wrong with the system

Have a little patience santian – you do realise that if everyone creates 6 tickets, the support team has 6 x as many requests to go through? ie you do not get answered 6x faster but it’s 6x slower! For everyone.

the problem has been solved
thank to the dreamhost team~