Your account is pending

My account is still pending over 15 hours

I don’t want to create another thread as I’m currently heading in the same direction with this exact issue were my account is still pending even after the money has been drafted from my bank account. Support ticket was submitted 4hrs and 40min ago and just got an automated response( main issue still unresolved ). There is a title within the site that states: " Get your website online in minutes!" . I beg to differ as I’m going for 6+ hours and counting on “Pending” mode.

When I compare my personal experience thus far with the stats that are plastered around the site on how excellent DreamHost overall customer support and experience is, it just doesn’t add up. Customers shouldn’t be having such a hassle at the beginning of their journey with DreamHost. Should I be happy with this first impression from costumer support and services?

How did you submit a support ticket?

Account approval on weekends can be slow. (There are numerous posts about this in this forum.) During the week, it is almost instantaneous, unless there is an issue with your account.

As a general principle, just because the money has been debited from your account doesn’t mean DreamHost actually has it. Your bank has set it aside in order to transfer it later. Actually transferring the money takes time. (Source: I used to work for a bank.)

Support ticket was put trough the DreamHost cPanel account which is still pending.

What big of a difference should be weekdays from weekends? If there is numerous forum post about this then why this is still an issue? Currently I own 2 business and we are open all week( including weekends ) and we also deal with online payments. All depends on the work ethic and how hungry are the workers but I’m not here to discuss that. So yes, this sounds more of an excuse than anything else if you ask me.

This still doesn’t solve my main issue: Web hosting that I purchased 21hours ago( and counting ) and still pending. The Bank explanation is all great but I’m pretty sure you know that if the amount is pending, companies can verify this at their convenience to tell me the funds got approved or not( anyone with a bank account knows this ) and none of this has been said to me.

If you have access to your control panel, then you have an account. Did you register a domain name with DreamHost? Did you add hosting to that domain?

Weekends used to be a complete blackout for getting pending accounts manually approved.

What I can tell you is this, something you typed in the registration process raised a flag and you got sent to the manual approval queue. The dept that handles manual approvals is not a 24 hour dept (primarily west coast USA business hours Monday to Friday, but in recent years there has been some weekend coverage).

The first step in registration creates a panel acct. After that it’s all about what privledges you have. For example it’s possible to renew domain registrations without “hosting” functions.

  • That is the only thing I currently have, An Account.
  • If you ask me, I did but my account is still pending so I’m guessing the domain is still pending as well.
  • I selected everything I wanted, including hosting plan but I’m guessing that’s still pending.

Everything you ask me right now, is on “Pending Status” for 25hrs and still counting. All I have is an Account!

I do appreciate this piece of information as this wasn’t disclosed to me at all from when I signed up. The support team department recently answered and needed an information to validate my account( probably the reg flag you’ve mentioned ). I provided the information asked 5 hours ago but then this will fall about the weekend coverage as you explained. I guess I’ll be just playing the waiting game until then( which I’m not happy about ).

To give you my perspective, the only thing I have within The Account, I can only Manage Account. Everything else is non-select-able!( aside from support tickets, affiliates, etc… ). And this is a fresh new account.