You don't have Junk Mail preferences set up yet!

Uuuh… yes I do! I’ve activated Junk Mail filtering in the panel, but the webmail still says I’ve not set this up - even after quite a few hours. The MX entries have changed to the filter servers, and email is being tagged. What’s wrong?

I’ve tried removing it and adding it again, but I still cannot get to the Spam Assassin options in the webmail.

Any clues, or ways to force this to work?

I’d poke support. This was so easy even an idiot like me could make it work. Surely, you’re too bright for it. (That is a compliment besides calling you “Shirley”)


Thanks for the compliment, but it was my mistake after all. I was logging into webmail using the mailbox details, and not the email alias details.

All is OK now.